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Education: Boone is a Smart Move

First class educational resources.

Public and Parochial, Primary, Secondary or College

The community of Boone offers a number of primary and secondary educational options.  Sacred Heart Catholic and Trinity Lutheran School offer K-8th private education, while Boone's Public Schools offers K-12.  Each school stays on the cusp of leading edge technology curriculums.  Boone schools offer full academic, music, theater, and athletic programs.  (For a sneak peek of the new high school, click on the picture to your left.  The school district will break ground this fall on the site of the current building.) 


L.W. Courter Center

Beyond high school, Boone boasts Des Moines Area Community College, a 2-year Liberal Arts and Sciences institution with full credit transfer to most in-state four-year universities. The DMACC-Boone campus is also the home of the Bears, with nationally ranked mens and womens basketball, mens baseball, womens volleyball, mens and womens golf, and womens cross country teams.



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