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The Boone County Chamber of Commerce is ready to embark on an historic renovation of our offices located in a 120 year old railroad communication center.  Make a contribution today and... us reach our goal of $171,000!




Insert picture hereThis exterior view shows a planned 

street-side entrance with new windows that are made to fit the original openings, while also providing better energy efficiency and sound reduction from passing trains.

Five Great Reasons to Improve our Building

  1. To carry out our mission to attract, grow and retain solid retail and industry to the Boone Area
  2. Shore up deficiencies in our building's foundation that could otherwise present issues in the future
  3. Improve the energy efficiency by replacing the current windows that rattle and leak, nor properly fit the intended openings
  4. Create a warmer, inviting and visible street-side entrance to welcome guests and citizens to our community
  5. Improve interior spaces to allow for technological changes with computers, while brightening the decor and providing a reception area for guests


How Can You Help?

Download a pledge form, choose a Pledge Level and return the form to the Boone County Chamber of Commerce, 903 Story Street, Boone, Iowa  50036. 


Boone Area Chamber of Commerce
Kurt R. Phillips, Executive Director
903 Story Street
Boone, Iowa 50036
Ph. 515-432-3342 Fax: 515-432-3343

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