The High Bridges of Boone

The Bridges of Boone County

Madison County may have them covered, but we got 'em high in Boone County!

Boone County has the market cornered on High Bridges

We're famous for the Kate Shelley High Bridge, now paralleled by the new Union Pacific High Bridge.  Both Bridges rise nearly 190 feet above the river and are two of the longest, highest, doubletrack railroad bridges in the world!  You can get a close up view with a Seven Oaks Canoe, kayak or tube float down the Des Moines River.

High Trestle Trail Bridge

Start with a bike or hike across the spectacular High Trestle Trail Bridge

Located between Madrid and Woodward, Iowa in southern Boone County, the High Trestle Trail Bridge is one half mile long, and spans the Des Moines River Valley, 13 stories above the river!



You've never had a thrill until...'ve crossed a railroad trestle, seemingly floating above the valley, no tracks in sight below the passenger car!  Every year tens of thousands of visitors experience the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroads train rides out and over the Des Moines River Valley.






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